Training and Fellowships

RHTU will engage with Provincial partners and appropriate reproductive health academics and leaders to identify future reproductive health CPD educators. Potential candidates should be primarily from a clinical rather than educational or administrative background and, as such, have credibility with those attending the courses. The RHTU will work against enticing valuable clinical and educator staff away from their core positions, but rather work with Provinces to create the means to free them from their clinical role to involve themselves in training roles from time to time.

In addition, the RHTU will offer short-term fellowships to young midwifery and DGO graduates who have been in clinical positions for at least two years. They will return to their substantive clinical positions with a new set of skills related to reproductive health CPD provision and be key contacts in their provinces for the RHTU and their PHA.

The University of PNG’s School of Medical & Health Science (UPNG SMHS) Obstetric and Gynaecology (O&G) Division has agreed to the rotating release of their Masters of Medicine O&G trainees to come with the RHTU staff to the Provinces to do the courses and then assist course delivery for 2-3 weeks during their training. This will also build their personal skills set and prepare them for involvement with RH CPD when they graduate as Provincial specialists.

Public-Private Partnership

The Reproductive Health Training Unit is a partnership between the Oil Search Health Foundation, the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health, and the Australian Government's aid program.