National Family Planning Training Program

To address capacity constraints in family planning service provision Marie Stopes Papua New Guinea (MSPNG) will be implementing the National Family Planning Training Program (NFPTP), which has been jointly developed with the Reproductive Health Training Unit, the National Department of Health and other relevant stakeholders.

The NFPTP will roll out family planning training to frontline health staff across PNG. The emphasis will be to build skills of frontline health workers for quality provision of a broad range of family planning methods, including long-acting reversible methods of contraception.

By assisting in building health worker capacity to provide family planning services, the NFPTP aims to contribute towards increased access to and uptake to FP services, improving maternal health outcomes in PNG.

The NFPTP curriculum is tested on new MSPNG staff in Alotau.

Public-Private Partnership

The Reproductive Health Training Unit is a partnership between the Oil Search Health Foundation, the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health, and the Australian Government's aid program.