Essential Obstetric Care in Kimbe, West New Britain

Dr Willie Trane_WNBPHA BlogI would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the following people/sponsors for funding and running this Essential Obstetrics Care training and allowing me to participate and teach the Participants in managing emergency obstetrics cases:

  1. The Public Private Partnership of the Oil Search Foundation, Australian Aid and the National Department of Health.
  2. The Rural Primary Health Service Delivery Project and the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority
  3. The RHTU Facilitators Christine McCracken and Athaliah Bagoi.
  4. My supervisors Professors Mola and Amoa.

Many of our health centres and clinics are deteriorating with the non-availability of basic drugs, not enough equipment and health workers especially Nurses, Midwives, CHWs and HEOs. And most of the staff lacks the knowledge and skills to take care of our mothers and their babies. On the other hand the government cannot provide enough funds to all the health centres to cater for these needs and also cannot facilitate/provide training to its workers. However, RHTU has taken the initiative to implement this training programme especially to provide teaching to our staff at the health centres and clinics. This programme is very helpful because the staff will be in better position to treat the mothers, babies and do referrals to hospitals where necessary.

During the two weeks of the training I learnt a lot of new things and also taught the Participants on important obstetric cases. We were doing different activities as how to treat mothers and their babies and what to do when trying to refer the mother. It has been a wonderful exercise, teaching and learning.

I as a Medical Officer I am happy with the training itself. But the training covered only a few health centres and clinics. Therefore I would like to recommend if the training could be given to staff at all heath centres throughout the country. This will significantly contribute to the reduction of both maternal and peri natal mortality and morbidity.

Thank you.

Dr Willie Trane

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Division

Port Moresby General Hospital

RHTU Note: Dr Willie Trane is a Masters of Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Registrar at Port Moresby General Hospital who travelled and worked with the RHTU team during their two week training input conducted for the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority at Kimbe, West New Britain from July 4th to 14th 2016.

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