Training calendar

The purpose of the calendar is to provide an easy and central place to find out where and when the RHTU is operating, but also to include other key partners’ training schedules (eg. UN agencies, NGOs and NDoH). The calendar therefore offers a comprehensive overview of the available reproductive health-related training programs in Papua New Guinea (eg. PPTCT, Gender Based Violence, Adolescent S&RH, Men’s S&RH and Men as Partners program) and in this way aims to assist organisations to coordinate their training programs with Provincial activities.

The calendar will be updated every six weeks as new provinces partner with the RHTU. Initially the calendar will predominantly feature:

  1. Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) training (for staff of facilities delivering > 200 women each year)
  2. Essential Obstetric Care (EOC) training (for staff of facilities delivering < 200 women per year)
  3. Essential Obstetric Care for Urban Health Centres training (for staff of facilities providing health care to pregnant and postnatal women and their babies but who do not provide labour and delivery care)

If your organisation offers reproductive health training courses, or if you are aware of any training course in PNG related to reproductive health, not listed on the calendar; please contact the RHTU administration to add these courses to the reproductive health training calendar.

Public-Private Partnership

The Reproductive Health Training Unit is a partnership between the Oil Search Health Foundation, the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health, and the Australian Government's aid program.