Provincial Partners

As requested by NDoH, the PNG RHTU will partner with interested Provinces (where resources allow). A shared agreement regarding roles and responsibilities of both the RHTU and the Province will be established, and formalised under an MOA. The MOA will include a variety of elements relating to:

  • Funding responsibilities for both partners, and the inclusion of adequate and recurrent funds for Provincial IST/CPD in every Annual Activity Plan. Provinces are encouraged to partner with other Development Partners to supplement their own training budget.
  • Appropriate selection criteria for participants (and observers) for each of the training packages.
  • Appropriate selection criteria and resourcing of potential provincial RH trainers.
  • The inclusion of staff from GoPNG service facilities, those from church-run facilities, selected NGOs and the pre- service (CHW, nursing, medical and HEO) schools, post-basic training (midwifery and Masters of Medicine) training schools located in/near that Province.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation looking at process and impact of the combined Province/RHTU efforts in relation to RH CPD of the staff.

Public-Private Partnership

The Reproductive Health Training Unit is a partnership between the Oil Search Health Foundation, the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health, and the Australian Government's aid program.