Mission Statement


The PNG Reproductive Health Training Unit (RHTU) aims for a national reproductive health workforce that is competent, current and confident to provide quality reproductive health services to the men, women and children of Papua New Guinea.

The RHTU will be:

  • a national force in continuing professional development for all health cadres and a partner of choice for the Provinces. The RHTU will be known for its steadfast commitment to improved reproductive health outcomes in PNG through the continuous professional development of the reproductive health workforce;
  • a pioneer in advancing creative and innovative solutions.


The mission of the RHTU is to partner with Provinces who share the vision of measurably improving the quality, consistency, reach and regularity of continuing professional development (CPD) programmes for health workers delivering reproductive health care in PNG, principally through prioritised CPD packages.

The RHTU will facilitate the process of improving reproductive health outcomes in PNG by working in partnership:

  • to grow the capacity of Provinces to plan, fund, implement and monitor the results of reproductive health continuing professional development programmes;
  • to strengthen capacity of Provinces to plan achievable reproductive health continuing professional development for their workers;
  • to support Provinces to develop PNG contextualised training packages;
  • to encourage Provinces to build local capacity to manage and evaluate their own continuing professional development programs; and
  • guided by the aspirations of National and Provincial partners we will pursue our mission with excellence and compassion; the people of PNG deserve nothing less.


  • To improve the human resource capacity of existing health workers to provide effective Family Planning and EmOC training to health workers at the Provincial level;
  • To develop effective coordination and communication channels between reproductive health training stakeholders;
  • To strengthen governance and planning capacity for reproductive health training at Provincial level;
  • To monitor, evaluate and disseminate monitoring and evaluation results on the performance and effectiveness of the RHTU strategies;

Guiding principles

The RHTU is committed to operate according to ten guiding principles:

  1. Promoting country ownership and management;
  2. Effective coordination;
  3. Transparency in costs;
  4. Independent diagnostics informing needs;
  5. Usage of PNG systems and processes as entry points;
  6. Mixing direct (implementation) and indirect (facilitation) roles where advisers are involved;
  7. Flexibility and adaptation to local needs;
  8. Appropriate Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E);
  9. Identification of incentives;
  10. Promoting coherence in the health system.

Public-Private Partnership

The Reproductive Health Training Unit is a partnership between the Oil Search Health Foundation, the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health, and the Australian Government's aid program.